What is Tandem Jump about

Before Tandem jump you will get personal training from your tandem pilot who will go with you through the whole jump. Right after you will be dressed up into special harness by which you will be firmly lashed together with your tandem pilot. Then you will enjoy about 20 minutes of ascenting up to 4000 meters. In that moment you will be already safely attached to Tandem Pilot and ready for the jump. After exit from the plane you will free fall approximately 1 minute although you will feel like levitating. This feeling will be enhanced by presence of cameraman who will be flying within your grasp in front of you. Tandem Pilot will open canopy at 1500 meters and will fly with you above landscape until soft landing. It is really soft, practically you won´t touch the ground. In case your jump will be shot by cameramen you will receive your DVD and even your pictures on CD within 30 minutes. With your approval we will place short video from your jump on our web page where your friends and relatives can view it or download it.

Safety and technology

Parachutism or rather Skydiving is very safe sport. This is double true if we speak about tandem jumps. Tandem rig is 100% focused on passenger safety, e.g. all control parts are doubled. Most advanced materials are used in production of canopies. Everything is deeply tested.
Our company use the most modern and reliable tandem rig type "SIGMA", which is used by profesionals all over the world.

This system is not offering just maximum safety but also maximum comfort for passengers. The altitude is continually checked by Tandem Pilot on analog altimeter attached to his wrist. Second digital altimeter is placed in his helmet. It tracks free fall and inform Tandem Pilot when set up altitude is reached.
Tandem rig is equipped with sophisticated built-in emergency computer, which monitors all the time data about velocity, altitude etc. In critical situation in low altitude, it automaticaly opens reserve canopy even without the Pilot intervention.

What will I need and what are the limits?

We will lend you everything you will need for the jump on the airport (overalls, goggles or even goggles over your glasses etc.). Just bring your sport shoes and enthusiasm.
Passenger weight is limited up to 110kg. Even kids from age 8 can jump upper age limit is not defined.
Tandem Jump is not appropriate for persons with serious heart diseases or epilepsy.

Where we jump

We are located at the airport Kolin. Season is from beginning of April till the end of October.
Due to capacity reasons we recommend not to wait with your jump till the end of season.
Please book the date of your jump at least one week in advance via phone
on number 721806440 or via e-mail richard@happytandem.cz

How to get to the airport Kolin

  • In Kolín follow direction Uhlířské Janovice
  • Passing hospital on the right side
  • Follow the main road out of the town
  • After app. 1 km you will see the airport on the left side
  • Please park your car at visitors parking lot
  • Our office is situated next to the main building
  • opposite the restaurant

Order voucher for tandem jump on www.happytandem.cz
or call 721806440 and get our actual special offer!